Sam Harris on the Rubin Report

Disclaimer:  While I continue to be a Sam Harris supporter, my views on Dave Rubin have changed.  At this point I believe he’s an opportunist who is capitalizing on the highly lucrative “angry white male” identity politics.  My updated thoughts here.

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The Rubin Report finally aired with Sam Harris as the first official guest.  This was a great interview and it allowed Harris to clear the air on this stances what are often taken out of context.  Harris points out that many of his detractors believe to be able to plumb the depths of his mind and ‘find’ some deep-seeded malicious intent behind his words, and that this is coming from left-leaning sources (Glenn Greenwald, Cenk Uygur, Reza Azlan, etc).

I highly suggest watching the Bill Maher segment where Ben Affleck and Sam Harris debate Islam.

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