Sam Harris on the Rubin Report

The Rubin Report finally aired with Sam Harris as the first official guest.  This was a great interview and it allowed Harris to clear the air on this stances what are often taken out of context.  Harris points out that many of his detractors believe to be able to plumb the depths of his mind and ‘find’ some deep-seeded malicious intent behind his words, and that this is coming from left-leaning sources (Glenn Greenwald, Cenk Uygur, Reza Azlan, etc).

I highly suggest watching the Bill Maher segment where Ben Affleck explodes into a testosterone-filled tantrum of political correctness (if you haven’t already) first.

Rubin Report

Harris’ detractors seem to believe that these philosophical thought games are only OSTENSIBLY meant to lead us to reflect and focus on morally-charged topics (torture, religion, nuclear war) in a clear and objective manner.  In REALITY he is apparently laying some sort of groundwork for torture, racism and nuclear first strikes.  Sam Harris is apparently the man!  His intellectual tentacles can apparently influence  foreign policy!  At the same time, he is a total idiot for spending half his time alienating the Fox News crowd with books like End of Faith and Letter to a Christian Nation, when this demographic is the best receptacle if you’re going to stoke anti-Arab racist sentiments.  Oh the dual nature of Harris!

I am excited about the Rubin Report.  The world needs an intellectually honest “left-leaning” show. Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks has gone off the deep end on the Sam Harris-Islam topics (Ana Kasparian is the only reason to watch that show these days). Sam Seder is also going off into la-la land on this topic, apparently able to root out the evil intentions behind Harris’ purely philosophical thought games (but his constant assault on libertarian loonies makes him worth watching).  And the Secular Talk guy has a habit of spending 10 minutes making a 30-second argument by continually repeating the same point 18 different times (OCD perhaps).